Dannyn raportti Sofian reissusta/ Danny’s report: Sofia trip

Dannyn raportti viime viikon Sofian reissusta/ Danny’s report from the Sofia trip:

Hello to all you great people,

Last week from the 28th to the 30th your favorite team, team Lakkapaa was in Sofia Bulgaria. It was an early morning for us flying out of Rovaniemi. And as usual when travelling with a bunch of guys over 200cm (6’6) it is a race to see who gets the exit row. Oliver Martin # 6 was the master of this. He got exit row more than anyone on our flights to and from Bulgaria. I could tell you I was happy to see how happy Oliver was to get that extra leg room in exit row… but at the time from my cramped middle seat spot that would have been a lie. Fortunately for us we even have a future pilot on the team Jani Sippola #2. Or at least he has some kind of flight experience. Or at least he sometimes plays a flight simulator on his laptop. When asked about the flight experience and the landings Jani shared his wisdom for future pilots saying “Any landing you can walk away from is a good one”.

Once we arrived in Bulgaria we went to practice for the evening. There are some mixed reviews on just how cold the gym was from the players but the consensus was it was cold. Whether it was so cold you were turning blue or just a little uncomfortable is up for debate.

After our morning practice on the 29th we had some free time in the day. Nima, Jeremy Joel and I took a “yellow” taxi, the taxi company is called yellow and the taxi was yellow also, to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. It was massive and beautiful. Definitely worth the time we spent exploring. Unfortunately we spent more time trying to find a taxi back to the hotel then we even spent exploring. Turns out none of us had cash and only the “Yellow” taxi (name or company and also colour) had machines for credit cards. So we waved down a bunch of taxis without much success. Jeremy Davies # 8 was especially good at this. He would stand in the street, stare at every taxi that went by and even found a parked taxi and waited for the driver to come back. Eventually we did get a nice lady to call a taxi for us and we got back to the hotel.

The game was great. We won 3-1. Anytime you can get a win in another country it is a good thing. I think it definitely helped us keep our spirits up on the long flight back which included a cancelled flight but thanks to our spirited manager Eetu we ended up getting back earlier than we were originally supposed to. When asked about his favorite part of the trip Olli Saarenmaa responded in his usual way with one word “leaving”.

Thank you from Team Lakkappaa for all of your support!!

Until next time/ Nähdään!

Daniel Grant #2


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