Our team clothing

Team Clothing!

In the states, collegiate athletes are graced with having two Christmases. And no, it is not because there are two baby Jesuses or two Santas. At Loyola and other institutions, we call the day when we receive our new gear for the year “Christmas” because we feel just as ecstatic as we did on our childhood December 25th mornings. The feeling is almost indescribable and we are filled with a motivating happiness much like Harry when Albus Dumbledore gave him his invisibility cloak.

It was just a normal practice day and we were finishing a drill when out of the corner of our eyes we see our club owner periodically bring large Asics bags and set them next to our court. At first I thought they were just the bags because we had just taken sizes only two days prior and there was no way the gear would be ready that quickly. I then heard a much deeper “thud” of the bag hitting the ground that it would not make had it been empty, and the feeling described in the previous paragraph began creeping up through my body. Christmastime.

This specific Christmas is extra special because it is my first one as a pro player. I cannot be more grateful and excited to eat, sleep, and I guess practice in the new gear. Thank you sponsors and staff, we will make you proud!