Our travel bus

The Silver Bullet

We are currently on our first trip where we are taking our team bus and although it is not that long of a drive, it has already been a blast. I have only heard tales of the extravagance of our bus and have never seen it myself, until now. Currently we only have 8 or so players and a couple staff traveling but this party bus seems to be able to fit at least thirty.
Upon entering the bus, the first section is what a normal bus looks like with roughly 9 pairs of seats. The middle section is composed of four couches that magically turn into 8-10 bunked beds. If you were to go into the back section through the VIP door, you will find another 9 seats with a table designated for poker. The bus also has wifi and four flat screen TVs all connected so if you play a movie or video games, it can be seen on all four.

The Silver Bullet is going to make those 10+ hour bus trips that much more fun and bearable that I even look forward to traveling! Back to Call of Duty!