Team Penalties


With the jump from college to professional volleyball, there come many changes. One change I want to touch on in this article are what we call penalties.
In college, if we did something dumb or were late to practice or other team events, there would be a physical punishment. These would range from coach-on-ones (good work a-rob) to Jacobs Ladder, to running 10 miles on the treadmill depending on the seriousness of the offense. I would much rather have these punishments than what we have now.

Before the season started, we had a team sauna meeting where we created and started implementing penalties. If a team member were to break a rule, they would have to pay a fee whose amount would be dependent on the offense. I will list some examples of these below.
– 2€ for every minute late to practice (with a maximum of 60€ in which case you are not to even come to practice)
- 5€ for having your phone out at team functions 
- 5€ (per piece) for forgetting any team gear when traveling 
- 50€ for forgetting your jersey
- 5€ if your phone goes off during practice and 10€ if it goes off in a team meeting
- 10€ for rage kicking a ball
- 12 beers for serving a ball under the net at any time

Not stopping there, all of these rates (minus the jersey penalty) are doubled on game days. As you can imagine these can get interesting, especially when holding each other accountable determines how much money we can gain.

To start the season, everyone puts in 20€ which covers the first 20€ of penalties. All of the money gathered goes back to the team in whatever way we choose. After three weeks we have already collected 200€ and 48 beers. 10€ and 24 beers are from me :(. And no I did not jump serve under the net, I was playing around before practice trying to float serve short. At the top of he list is out outside Peetu with a whopping 54€. Thank you Peetu for being the main sponsor for our next team bonding event!